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so i caught myself thinking about Ultranos’ spacepirate!au recently and imagined maybe this is how marshmallow’s human form looks like based on the descriptions i’ve picked up here and there


tried by try, i mean fail to keep a small resemblance to the original marshmallow’s head shape and incorporate it into my design. but alas, those did not work out so well without me making the human version look like a complete joke. that and my character design skills are basic :/


anyway added a sketch of unsupervised kid!elsa messing with… a high-tech looking rice cooker.



been feeling a bit uninspired lately… had no idea what i was trying to do with this, in comparison to other days when i know exactly what effect i want and how to go about it. back to quick sketches for the meantime~

I’m Here

I'm Here

Taking a little break from all the Frozen fanart, please bear with me :o


So back story. A few nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw my girlfriend using her phone (tumblr-ing, most likely). And for some reason, despite my brain being heavy with sleep, the way the light hit just the tiniest parts of her really stuck to me.


I don’t exactly recall why I woke up, from a nightmare or something else (back story to this back story: i get nightmares a lot and sometimes wake up yelling or crying or my GF has to shake me awake. I don’t always wake violently though and this night was one of them.) but I think I do recall her telling me that I didn’t need to worry and that she was right beside me. Then I probably fell asleep again after that.


This is a sort of attempt to recreate that? (using her OC that is heavily based on her person, of course)


Anyway, I hope you like this. :) Thanks for reading my ramble!