Well, finally… I gathered up the courage to officially start taking in commissions… I’m not particularly well-accomplished as an artist but if there’s anyone interested, please don’t hesitate! You can email me at or message me thru tumblr or twitter.



– no or limited use of color, paper style BG

-up to two people in picture



INKED + COLORED (30 usd)

– no or minimal background

– lines could be clean or have a “sketchy” feel. whichever you prefer.

– up to two people in picture




payment: via paypal only


how to commission me:

1) you tell me what you want done. references, details, the works!

2) i decide if i’ll accept or decline the work. you will also get the final cost in case you have specific requests.

3) once you accept the cost, i work on a rough concept and send you a low-res sketch of it.

4) if you like it, i will send a payment request/invoice via paypal with the agreed cost.
5) once i receive the payment, i will complete the commission and send you a print-ready file and a internet-friendly file.


other notes:

im open to specific requests, but additional costs may apply depending on the complexity. I would very much to like to accommodate requests, so please don’t be afraid to ask first.


i also reserve the right to decline on a commission if i deem that my skills are unfit for the request or if i find the topic offensive.


i reserve the right to post a low-resolution image of the art on my sites (, tumblr, pixiv, dA, twitter) and use it for my portfolio.


finally, art is for personal, non commercial use. That means you are not allowed to sell, publish, or modify the art you commissioned me for. If you would like to hire me to do an artwork intended for commercial use, please email me so we can discuss it privately.

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