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Asami redesign no. 8368261

Asami redesign no. 8368261

Thats not the real count, of course… but i must’ve done so many redesigns of my orginal character, Asami, that I’ve lost track already. What do you expect, I made the character around 12 years ago.

This is a Rough portrait of her most recent design (recent as a few minutes ago). oh, yes i said *her*. Asami is a GIRL. I’m still trying to find a way to make her slightly more feminine w/o making her too girly.

I like her hair here… her skin is so-so… im having difficulty adding a colored light source on the skin, without making it look like someone threw paint at her. but since this is just a rough, the coloring should do fine for now.

obviously, judging by her face, she’s a sad character. she reeks angst… im opting to add more happiness, as soon as i figure out how. her eyes are amber… maybe they glow in the dark? :P

lastly, she still doesnt have a stable story (AFTER 12 YEARS! HOW SAD.)