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Natsu no Hi

Natsu no Hi

Konoka x Setsuna fanart!

No bg. Too lazy. This has been left unfinished too long. But it looks summer-y anyway, even without bg. Maybe…? XD

Secchan’s (black haired) pose was borrowed from a rough sketch I saw some time ago… I forgot from where. @_@; Konochan’s (brown haired) pose is improvised so it may not look as well-made as Secchan’s.


Secchan wa Daisuki!

Secchan wa Daisuki!

Konoka: Secchaaaan~~ Daisuki! *glomp*

Setsuna: O-ojou-sama…! *blush*


I like how this one turned out a lot. The sketchiness, the perspective (that killed me just to get it right.) and the pastel colors. It seems the washed effect is really my specialty. (actually I think its just because I suck at other styles! lol!)

I like how Konochan’s hair came out best. Initially, Secchan was not as cooperative as Konochan when I was coloring them, but fortunately, she decided to behave for her princess. ^_~

They look a little bit more adult here too. My style tends to do that, I guess. How old do you think they are here? I’m thinking 19-20?

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy. Really loved working on this one.