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Set This Freedom Free

Set This Freedom Free

Frozen Collaborative Artfic Project
Words by counterpunches, art by laikaken
Summary: Anna has a surprise for Elsa, but it doesn’t go exactly as planned.
Length: ~3,000
Rating: PG
Also at tumblr, ff.net and AO3
Note: Beta’d by theserasures.



Anna bounces excitedly, hopping from one leg to the next. “Do you think she’ll like it? I think she’ll like it.”


“Anna, the last time you brought a stray to the castle, it was me.”

“Right, and look how well thats turned out!”


“That’s not my point. Elsa has to like me. I’m dating you.”


Anna makes a face and shrugs off his concern, “Not true. She hated my last boyfriend, and that didn’t end so badly.”


Kristoff glares. “Anna, that’s not funny.”


“Come on, it’s a little funny.”

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